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11th April 2012

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High time we made a stand & shook up the views of the common man…


Zimmerman will finally go to trial on second-degree murder
Moreover, the Dept. of Justice is still conducting its own investigation, which means he could yet be charged with a hate crime, a Federal offense.


This story makes me feel ill: Iraqi mom & wife dies after unprovoked beating.
We are capable of so much better than this ignorant hatred. The perpetrators make me ashamed of, not to mention afraid for, humanity.

Ever wonder what the actual numbers are in the world for the human slave trade? Try nearly two and a half million

So much for freedom of the press: TX reporter fired for daring to interview a woman about transvaginal ultrasounds

Oy vey: military contractor being sued over National Guardsmen & civilians they knowingly exposed to toxic chemical in Iraq

& then there’s the wrong way to motivate your students: Teacher gives good grades in exchange for student’s naked photos


Spot on: Five ways modern men are trained to hate women

This should really be titled ‘Hate Crimes’: The real war on women

This is about your mom, your sister, your wife, your daughter, your friend:
Infographic on women in the workforce

Obama-Romney race sparks a war over women. Considering the disparity between what women earn -vs- what men earn is the highest in his home state, Romney doesn’t have a leg to stand on.


Ever wonder what would happen if there were no abortion laws at all? Wonder no more.

'cause she's brilliant: Longest-serving woman in Congress gets supernova named after her

Thank you EA for not giving in to the homophobes.

op/ed: Greg Smith - Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs


Do you live anywhere the Gulf oil disaster is still depositing tar balls on your beach? Steer clear of them, they might contain deadly bacteria

Guilty of manslaughter or just a filthy liar? 911 call ends in unarmed teen’s shooting death (not Trayvon Martin)

With his eyes that dilated in overly bright light, I’m not at all surprised: Chevy Chase is a bit of an asshole.

In the spirit of cooperativeness, Australia and South Korea have joined forces to create a 5,000 mile-wide telescope

Just don’t call it global warming (truly, it’s climate change). Maybe some would take it more seriously if we began to consider it Global WARNing.


Er… We’re #1? America’s most renewable resource is… sperm 0.o

Allen Stairs on marriage, same-sex marriage & why “definitions” are pointless in the arguments

How the Hunger Games film differs from the book. Spoilers natch.

Have an interesting consideration of the Hunger Games.

Are you going to get The Hunger Games Barbie?

Last, but not at all least - Live long and prosper Barack!

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